Something’s Not Quite Right.

A horror story from a completely different and unexpected point of view.

I awoke in a shallow grave just outside of town. I must have suffered a head wound, with this headache. I gasped for breath as I pushed my way out of the ground, rolling onto my side, noticing the blood staining my favorite white shirt. I cursed the pending cleaning bill.

I checked my body, and saw that both my hands and feet were attached to my elbow and knee and my elbow and knee were attached to my shoulder and hip. This was good. But, something wasn’t quite right. I had a feeling; a taste for something.

I stumbled to my feet, legs not quite working, as I heard a car’s engine in the distance. Trying to run, I couldn’t make it to a full sprint, and had to be content with a full gallop. My arms, which normally swung at my sides, tightened as I looked at the street just ahead of me.

With an arm out, I tried to flag down a passing car. It nearly hit me before skidding to a stop to let me in. I was thankful.

“Thanks, mister,” I said to the driver. At least, I thought that’s what I said. It came out different, I think. More of a groan, a sound of pain or anguish. Getting a good look at me in the light of the Buick LeSabre, he screamed as I screamed, and lashed out at him.

Without explaination or expectation, I grabbed his head, and pulled his balding scalp to my mouth, biting down until I felt his blood ooze into my mouth. Was this really happening? Was I dreaming? I had to have been. I would never bite someone until they bled. It’s impolite, especially doing so without asking.

I felt a satisfying crunch as I took another bite, his skull collapsing in my mouth, and the sweet, sweet flavor of his brainy grey matter squirted into my mouth. I think I smiled as well, while the car plowed into the guardrail.

I didn’t care. I had brains. Mmm. Brains. Sweet, tasty, delicious, brains.



Mmm. Brains.

And that’s when I realized something wasn’t quite right.



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