Mailing It In.

So, whatever. It’s Mad Libs Monday, whereby we plug in our random word generator, and get three words — a noun, a verb and an adjective to make a story. So, kids: set your top secret decoder rings to common, and follow me to a world of magic, mystery and a mailbox.

Todays words are: Mailbox (n.) Alarmed (adj.) Talk (v.)

Do not be alarmed, do not adjust your eyes. You may talk quietly amongst yourselves for a moment. Please, head to your mailbox; you will find a letter from me stating that I have mailed this one in. These words are terrible, and fostered no creativity in my brain, save for a story about a little boy waiting for an action figure that I couldn’t end.

No, there will be no story here. Not today. Not about this.


2 thoughts on “Mailing It In.”

  1. Exactly what the Snoopy dog said. This isn’t supposed to be easy and there will be days where we don’t like what we post. At least we post though.

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