Rule Clarification.

Andrew’s latest story made me consider the following: Not all of us participating in the Write365 project have the same schedule. For instance, I’m up by 5:30am every day and usually up until one or two in the morning. I manage with less sleep than most people, mostly on account of simply not needing as much.

To this end, I’m going to make the following edict: Your day lasts from the typical start of your day to the typical end of your day. If you title something Day X and it’s day X+1, I don’t think anyone will judge, and your conscience will be the only key to your ultimate feeling of completion of this project. Do not let the clock and time be the ultimate decision maker in what becomes your success and failure.


One thought on “Rule Clarification.”

  1. Thank you. I always have more free time, I feel, after midnight, what with school, homework, a girlfriend, et cetera, et cetera.

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