None Again — A Poem

Welcome to your day in crap poetry. I’m your host, Crap Poet.

I would look
Deeply into your eyes and they would
lead me along a path toward no return
where I would love no one else ever again;
that there would be no others
none better
none ever
none beyond.

I would look
Deeply into your Soul and I would fall
falling into a free-fall fearing where I would fall
though not troubled where I would land,
knowing I’d be found by no others,
none ever
none never
none again.

I would fall
Deeply in love with you and I would
never regret a moment of that love, so deep
so wonderful and pure so fantastic
knowing it’s equal will be felt by no others
none previous,
none after,
none again.

I would spend
The rest of my life by your side and I would
be the man who stood beside you hands entwined
in love; our hearts beating as one, as we looked
in each others eyes, and souls seeing no others,


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