In the course of events, thing change as fluidly as they could and rightfully should. An idea (say an idea to write everyday for three hundred and sixty-five, for one example) that seems smart at one time, can and should change as much as possible to fit both the needs of the idea as well as the needs of the executor of the idea.

I’m damn proud of Nate and Dan and Jay and Andrew (linked above) and their completion of this project side by side with me will be fantastic, though I’d be proud of them regardless. But, the fundamental of the project has changed in my eyes, and I’d like to take a minute to speak to them and whomever reads this regarding that change.

I will fully admit to scoffing at the idea that I, Mr. Pick-up-and-drop-at-a-whim, Mister I-can-work-hard-for-twenty-two-days-at-a-time would get this far into the project. The bare essence of the project — to write for three hundred and sixty-five days straight — has been achieved. I went from barely writing for weeks and even months at a time, to having three pretty damn good ideas for novels/novellas and putting fingers to word processing program on two of them. I will admit to not posting what I’ve written every day, and I’m okay with that. I’m writing, and that’s really what this is about.

I’ve gone more than forty-five days writing, and I’m proud of what I’ve done. Lilac Summers and the Summers Clan have gone through a metamorphosis of sorts in my story. The original idea is just a leaf now, and what I wanted to do has been changed by how the words have come out and put themselves on paper. The trip to Roanoke is shaping up to be something special and wonderful.

Maybe I won’t post everyday. Maybe I shouldn’t. I’ve already shoveled enough crap upon you fine, fine readers. Maybe, I need to concentrate on what I’m writing, and make it the best I can.

I don’t know the answer, mostly because there isn’t one. Today’s story to follow, friends.


One thought on “Housekeeping”

  1. I agree. If nothing else, this has spurred creativity in all directions and I truly feel like I have some ideas that could one day find something larger to grow in. I’m glad to hear that you’re writing and glad to see that you’ve found this challenge to be beneficial to a greater good. Best of luck with the writing and don’t sweat the posts. They’re far less important and sitting down and putting together stellar ideas for the future.

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