Coming Along and Two Weeks 02/26

I’ve decided to combine a few ideas into one, to make a more seamless story. The people in Oh-Anon, the Non-addicts will be appearing as part of the story in Paint It (working title). Josh Szewczyk, friend of Larry Szysz will likely be the addict in the group, previously named Jerry.

I’ve written a lot the last few days, but mostly done research on Polish immigrants and immigration in the late 1800’s. Remember, people: research is writing, especially if you’re somewhat unfamiliar with your topic. There are research notebooks in my backpack right now and that excites me.

I feel fairly accomplished so far, having written, researched and otherwise thought of writing constantly the last few weeks. My creativity is really starting to fire and I’m excited to keep going. My sole disappointment is that I can’t find anything to grasp onto with Roanoke. It’s like a boat out in the ocean with a lost motor; adrift and waiting for rescue or bidding time until it sinks.

Keep after it, #write365 challengers.


One thought on “Coming Along and Two Weeks 02/26”

  1. Being a seasoned genealogy researcher, and a great-granddaughter of Polish immigrants (albeit in the early 1900’s, not late 1800’s), if you think I can be of service to your research, just ask.

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