I need the inspiration and the motivation. I need something to drive me, and something to strive for. I need something wonderful to look forward to each day, and something I can use to store ideas and thoughts and snippets of synapse activity.


Simply, this is me, writing every day for three hundred and sixty five days. In a row. You’re not going to find epics here, more than likely. You’ll have wonderful stories, and great ideas that may just help inspire you into something, too. I’m hoping that maybe this will become a community of writers, artists and more, people with a common goal and people who want inspiration with little perspiration.


My name is Peter Speer. I come from a day where people were afraid to use their real names on the internet. If that makes you nervous that a Google Search could find me, just call me Wikipeteia. I’m 33 at the time this is written, and if you read after February 11th, I’m 3437. I’m married, though if you read this after October 15, I’ll’ve been married to the greatest girl in the world for 3 years. I have a dog named Vega, three children, lots of friends and a burning passion for beer, cooking and life.


We’ll start January 1stFebruary 11th, officially. Until then, I’ll post some bits from the past that I’m especially proud of and that I especially enjoy.

Are you interested in participating? I’ll gladly put together a link dump of people participating. Are you interested in reading? Well, that’s easy.


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