Mailing It In.

So, whatever. It’s Mad Libs Monday, whereby we plug in our random word generator, and get three words — a noun, a verb and an adjective to make a story. So, kids: set your top secret decoder rings to common, and follow me to a world of magic, mystery and a mailbox.

Todays words are: Mailbox (n.) Alarmed (adj.) Talk (v.) Continue reading Mailing It In.


Writing Exercise Pt. I

Courtesy of a random word generator, I’m going to do what’s called a Mad Libs exercise. Simply, I get a random noun, verb and adjective, and make them into a story. I’ll likely keep it at less than 500 words, but, I certainly won’t limit myself. I guess I could make this Monday Mad Libs, but, fuck that noise. I’m not an opera singer, so, meme don’t interest me.

Today’s words are: Far (n.), Detected (adj.), Collect (v.) Continue reading Writing Exercise Pt. I