A simple love story written for a micro-fiction site that — suitingly — asked for submissions to be up to 365 words long. This one is a bit shorter than that, but, I like it.

“I love you,” she said to me on a day it snowed. I nodded because I loved her too.

“We should live together,” she said to me on a cool spring day, under the cherry tree. I nodded and soon we were husband and wife.

“I think the living room would look better in a pastel tone,” she commented. I nodded, because she was right. We picked a light green, inspired by the now growing grass.

“She’s beautiful,” she said, as she looked at our daughter, June, born in May. I nodded because she was beautiful.

“How can she sleep through this?” she asked, looking at June. I nodded, astonished too. The fireworks were loud, the booms like kicks to the chest.

“I miss her already,” she said, as we watched June walk into the school for the first time. I nodded, and wanted to pick her up for just one more hug. The leaves had begun to fall.

“Well, at least we have June,” she said, sadly. I nodded and hugged my amazing wife. We had more than June, counting each other.

“I miss her even more” she said as we sat at our kitchen table, June miles away at college. I nodded as I watched the football game.

“She’s still beautiful”, she said as we heard the words ‘man and wife’. I nodded, and wiped a tear from my eye.We were introduced to Mr. and Mrs. David and June Thomas for the first time that November.

“Did you ever stop loving me?” she asked, as she lay connected to machines that beeped unrelentingly. For the first time, I shook my head. It snowed that day, she passed away.