Partners in Crime

The following are the current list of participants. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent. — Home of Jon Nathan Raby. Nate, as he is referred to hates the city of Cleveland, the city of which I call home. Despite that fault, I can find none with him, in him, near him. He is a constant source of inspiration and was the only one of us to complete the challenge when last attempted. There is an amazing everyman quality to Nate’s writing, with both accessible language and an amazing depth of dialogue and description. — Home of Dan Sackett, a web designer and graphic artist from the State College area of Pennsylvania who has moved to Florida, found his bride and child. I find Dan’s strength to be his first-person narratives as his voice as narrator is both strong and vulnerable, exhibiting a nearly perfect flawed narration while delivering what is, to the narrator, the sole truth. Sort of. Depending on how you believe. It is an honor to have him writing along side of us. — Home of Andrew Dugan. Andrew, a graduate of JMU in Harrisonburg, VA is one of my favorite writers, period, despite being just a 24 year-old man. His grasp and use of language and its effectiveness both scares and entrances me. Thanks to him, I’ve expanded my horizons with books, with words and with language. I believe when all is said and done, Andrew could be the breakout star of this ‘competition’. — Home of Sean Williams, Esq. Sean, a lawyer originally from NJ, wrote about a character both equally loved and reviled by the name of Seymour Almasy, a take on a few popular gaming characters. Sean’s strength is, above and beyond the rest of us, in the realm of fantasy writing, and quite a bit of his stories will be fantasy fiction based. He weaves a world both fantastical and real at the same time, wherein none of his characters wonder at the splendor around them as the reader would, a sign of a writer who gets it right. — Home of Luke Johnson. Luke, a fellow homebrewer writes a dry, witty ton, a la Christopher Moore, a humorous slant on life in the world today, likely skewed by his amazingly self-deprecating sense of humor. I find I have the most in common with Luke of all of those in this ‘competition’, and am excited to have him participate, even on a small scale. — Home of Lindsay Branca, the only one of the people in this competition that I have (as of yet) hugged and shared a beverage (or several) with. Lindz, as she is affectionately known has a Master of Arts in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University in Chicago, IL. A born linguist, Lindz will grace our ‘competition’ with great personal essays, tremendous narrative, and quite a few laughs. — Home of Amber Hansford. I have a deep affection for Amber, a writer and amazing singer (Filk at DragonCon) from Atlanta, GA who works for Turner Broadcasting. I’ve known of her since 2003, and fell quickly and deeply for her prose, her style and her attention to writing. I’ve been privileged enough to be able to read her projects in the past, and have been enamored with her talent. I can’t wait to read more and introduce her to more people!

Would you like to join us? Drop me a line. I’ll add you here!


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